Ends on September 1, 2018

$20.00 USD, $30.00 USD

This category is only for those buying a gift submission or donating an entry into our contest. Each entry comes with a one-year subscription to BWR. The entry fee covers one 7,000 word prose submission or a packet of up to 3 poems. 

If you are gifting a contest submission, in the cover letter please write the contact information of the recipient. Email is the preferred method of contact. Our staff will contact them to let them know they have been gifted a contest entry + submission. These contest entries are still read blind. The recipient will be allowed to choose their preferred genre.  

If you are donating a contest submission, please write "DONATION" in the cover letter.

You can find more information about our contests here: http://bwr.ua.edu/submit/contest/

You can read more about donating a submission fee here: http://bwr.ua.edu/contest-update-donation-gift-submissions-now-open/