Ends on September 1, 2018

$3.00 USD

In poetry, risk is a virtue.  We seek poems that challenge the definition of the word poem, poems that cast a suspicious eye on authorship and put the I under a microscope.  We value slime, roaches, leaks, and seepage.  Gimmick is not a dirty word, and while dirty is the best word, we actually want the worst words in the worst order. 

We love and hate poetic forms.  We love and hate ambivalence.  Unbridled joy is a form of resistance, so send us your calls for impeachment, your erasures, your blends of text and image, your hybrids and your monsters.

We especially strive to magnify voices that are traditionally and systemically silenced. Writers of color, queer and trans writers, disabled writers, immigrant writers, fat writers and femmes: you are welcome and wanted here.

Please send up to five poems, with a maximum submission length of 10 pages. Poems should be submitted in one document, with the titles separated by commas in the “Submission Title” field. You may abbreviate the titles if they do not fit. Please query for poems longer than 10 pages.