Ends on September 1, 2018

$3.00 USD

We crave nonfiction that challenges what we know about language, syntax, and voice. Teach us new truths and old truths newly told. We want writing that maps a geography of empathy and bad behavior. Work that can demolish walls. Give us your alchemies and innovations, the formed and formless. We love chimeras here, appreciate hybridity and fracture. We value what laughs and blurs, weeps and bubbles over. Reach a hand from the page toward our fingers or throats. We dare you. 

We especially strive to magnify voices that are traditionally and systemically silenced. Writers of color, queer and trans writers, disabled writers, immigrant writers, fat writers and femmes: you are welcome and wanted here.

We ask that nonfiction works are no longer than 7,000 words. Please query for longer works. We do not usually accept academic articles.