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BWR is all set up in jeans and a corset. We’re smoking a very long cigarette on an old yellow couch. It’s 2:27 AM. The mailman wanders in, looking for his lost shih-tzu. In the ensuing conversation, the life erotic, the life political, the life bound and unbound is glimpsed. The sharpened edges of systems cut the grasping fingers. This just might be a comedy. Or it might, after all, be a prophecy.

Send us your finest works of fiction. We prefer work under 5,000 words, no more than 7,000, please. One piece at a time, unless it is under 1,000 words, in which case bundle no more than three into a single document. The weather is bad, we’ve got plenty of time for reading.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.