Ends on November 1, 2017

$3.00 USD

Include up to three poems in a single submission. Poems should be submitted in one document, with the titles separated by commas in the “Submission Title” field. You may abbreviate the titles if they do not fit.

The theme for our online issue is havens. We want to see writing that addresses how the places we inhabit enrich or complicate our sense of community and belonging. We value experimentations and idiosyncratic voices that interrupt expectation. By whatever means feel most urgent to you as a writer, we want to see geographies and lineages on the page which actively question how we make our own shape in the world. 

We are interested in work that explores the meaning of safety and inclusion in imagined futures or remembered pasts. The themes for our print editions this year have been regeneration (44.1) and transformation (44.2) as means to envision a radical mode of resistance and care within our shared communities. Keeping with a similar vision for our online edition, we want to know–how might we continue living in and caring for the places we hold most dear, and how might we create these places to begin with? 

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