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Black Warrior Review is pleased to announce that we’ll be reading submissions for our third online edition, Boyfriend Village. Submissions open March 1st and close March 31st. Boyfriend Village wants work that hungers and howls, that settles into bed soft and full of fire. It follows that our theme for this edition is Fox Boyfriend, loosely inspired by fox lore and origin stories. As always, this is up to interpretation, but BWR is interested in fairytale and myth, the visceral, the body, songs of survival, sensuality—work that interrogates and resists. We're looking for poems, stories, and essays that defy form and expectation, that unspool worlds, inviting and dark. We're also particularly interested in housing work that incorporates multimedia and visual elements: comics, graphic essays, video poems. We want things that transcend boundaries and dismantle binaries. Send us your foxy. Send us your spindly, your sprawling. Send us your boyfriends. 

Submission fees are used to pay contributors.

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